Jacob Herwick


Brass dial engraved ‘J. Herwick / Carlisle / No. 49’. Also engraved with the intertwined monogram ‘LRG’. This clock was made for Dr. Lemuel and Rebecca Parker Gustine, relatives of Herwick. Brass dial with silvered brass chapter disc, sweep seconds hand and calendar off the center (hand missing). Mahogany Chippendale case. CCHS, Gift of Pierson K. and Margaret Steck Miller. Circa 1785-90. Height 8’ 10 1/4”.

In the arch area of the dial are three cast figures. The most prominent one resembles Michelangelo’s Adam in the Sistine Chapel. His arm is connected to a hammer that strikes the hour. On the side is a winged cherub and near the center is a rooster perched on a branch. Herwick used the same ‘Father Time’ figure on at least one other clock. He made a clock for the Hamilton family where he sits above the scrolls and strikes the hour on a bell that is mounted at the top of the clock in lieu of a center finial. The Hamilton clock is still locally owned.